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Jewellery creation

Custom made jewellery

As we are artists we specialize in providing exclusive designs, made on the premises in all jewellery items. Our workshop has an extensive range of tools and equipment to facilitate to help us provide you with majority of techniques used by jewellers.

All items are subject to consultation.


This workshop prides itself on Australian designed and made work. Both of its members belong to the Gold and Silversmiths Guild of Australia, which means your articles, will be Hallmarked.

These marks identify the maker, the metal/s used, the guild mark; meaning genuinely and entirely made in Australia and the years of manufacture.

This provides you with a valuable provenance to your article.

Cleaning and Polishing

All Tony Kean products made in precious metals will be cleaned and polished free of charge.

Any other jewellery items not made by/at Tony Kean Jewellery will attract a fee for costs involved.

Pearl Threading

Pearl threading is available on the premises in a variety of techniques and materials.

General repairs

Our experience over the years in a wide range of repairs has shown that whilst nearly everything can be repaired, some repairs are not always economic.

We recommend strongly that inspection and consultation are essential prior to quoting or carrying out any repairs.

We will gladly repair any Tony Kean items that are broken or worn down, often at a nominal cost.